Foodie Life Hack: Better Food Pictures with Your Phone

How to take better food pics with your phoneEver thought that there had to be a trick to getting great food pics with your phone? Well, there actually are tricks for how to take yummy food pics with any sort of camera phone… There’s a couple of tricks actually and we’re revealing all right here.

How to Take Better Food Pictures With Your Phone

It seems like even when we’re just out and about, our foodie hands find some interesting eats along the way and when you only have your phone’s camera, the pressure is on to give life to the food that has grabbed your eye. Since we know you can relate to this dilemma, we wanted to help you out by sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks to making food look ready to eat at a moment’s notice.

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Trick #1: Flashing is Foolish

Flash is for fools! How to take better food pics with your phoneWe’re talking about food people, stick with me here. Turn off your camera phone’s flash. This fake light makes for odd shadows and stale-looking food. As with any photo, try to get as much natural light as possible and check out the angle of the light.

Trick #2: Angles

Honestly, I’ve just angled the food plate until the harsh shadows disappear and that slight change can make all of the difference in capturing the beauty of a vibrantly colorful dish.

Trick #3: The God Complex

Let there be food! Take a high and wide approach and shoot your food from high above instead of right on the food. When shooting an entire dish or capturing a rustic, interesting table at a great restaurant, there’s no shame in throwing your hands in the air and getting a small aerial shot (aerial for the phone, so like arm’s length up from the table).

Trick #4: Remember the Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds | Tricks to better food pics with your camera phone
This classic rule tells you to imagine three horizontal sections and three vertical sections running along your picture. This professional trick says to line up key photo elements with the intersections of the lines for better pictures and it’s an easy tweak to do with your phone!

Trick #5: Portion Control

Portion Control in taking food pics - camera phone food pic tricks
This sounds contradictory to rule #3, but I promise that I’ve got your back with this one. When you’re doing great plates and scenery, do a birds-eye view shot, but when you want to show the delectable details, cut in close to the food, make sure you only shoot one portion of the dish at a time and don’t be afraid to leave them wanting more. You can get really close up and not show them the entire dish… The suspense could be good for the pic!

A Little Inspiration

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