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Central Florida Deli, Cavallari Gourmet, Opens Wednesday, 10/1

October just got a bit tastier with a new location opening for one of our favorite Central Florida Delis! We’re excited to announce that Cavallari Gourmet is now branching out into Heathrow (right outside of Lake Mary)!

Personally, living in Oviedo, Fla., Cavallari Gourmet is almost a deli delicacy. It’s our weekly tradition and with another location, we say, the more the merrier!

Central Florida Deli – Cavallari Gourmet New Location

Cavallari's New Location!

Cavallari Gourmet New Location!

We have it on good word that the long-awaited second location is opening on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 and it’s been said that this new location has come together like a dream. Joe, manager and co-owner of the meat market and specialty grocery shop, said it’s been great to see them start fresh in an empty storefront and turn it into the signature Cavallari store we’ve grown to love. After seeing a few shifts in the layout of the original location, we’re excited to see the Cavallari Gourmet magic come to new life in Heathrow and all that this new location has in store.

Now, we’ll be real here; We know that not everyone runs out to chicken-town for fresh meats, so we want to give you a little inside look at why having a new Cavallari location is something you should be excited about. Here it goes:


Cavallari's Gourmet Sub
For some reason, there’s this rumor that Subway sucks and Publix subs rocks and nothing and no one ever comes close to touching this chain’s deli selections. Let us tell you from experience, if you want fresh meat, great cheese options and a sub busting at the seams, Cavallari Gourmet is the place to go. Our favorites — the zesty Italian and ALWAYS the spring mix to add some crisp freshness to your perfect sub.

Chicken Rolls

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for Cavallari chicken rolls. They have tons of options including my personal favorite, the Buffalo Bacon Jack Chicken Roll. Just grab a number, get your chicken rolls wrapped up in that iconic red butcher paper, toss them in the oven at the house and you’re set. These are also a great bet if you want a great meal to impress the in-laws, but you hate to spend the time away from them during their visit while you’re cooking away in the kitchen (or you just don’t feel like slaving over the stove — whatever works). All we can say is to keep going back and trying things out. You won’t be disappointed!


Pork, Beef, whatever you’re craving, they’ve got it and the prices are worth every penny. Now that we’re in the heat of Football season, Cavallari Gourmet is a great choice for getting some mighty meats to toss on the grill.
Cavallari Gourmet Meats

Cavallari MeatsCavallari Gourmet - Fresh MeatCavallari Gourmet Meat Counter

Dessert & Wine

You work hard all week, you deserve this. While you’re there, check out their wine selection and grab a dessert. We personally love the coconut cake, but every sweet is special in its own way.

Other Goodies

We could talk about Cavallari Gourmet forever, but if we kept typing, you’d never have a chance to get out of the house and see it for yourself. Before we let you go, don’t forget about the local brews, bbq sauce (yes, they even carry 4Rivers Smokehouse signature sauces) and oven-ready dinners.

Drooling yet?

Don’t blush. It’s alright. Check out the new Cavallari Gourmet location and tell us what you think on our Facebook page here:

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