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Looking For A Fun Private Corporate Event Idea?

Looking For A Fun Private Corporate Event Idea?

Are you a corporate boss looking for a unique and memorable way to promote team building or reward your hard-working employees? Or are you a small business owner looking for alternatives to the annual Christmas party? We’ve got you covered!

Orlando Food Tours offers fully customizable private food tours for corporate groups of 9 or more. You and your staff will enjoy a fun-filled VIP team building experience noshing on local hand-selected foods and sipping adult beverages at 6 different unique tasting stops. Our professionally trained local tour guides will also teach your group a little about the local history and culture of the historic Park Ave in Winter Park, Florida.

We offer special discounted rates for corporate groups of 9 or more – $40 per ticket, saving your organization $7 on every team member. Unlike our normally scheduled Winter Park Walking Tour, we offer private group tours any day of the week, so we can work around your company’s busy schedule.

Private tour perks include everything offered on our regular tours, along with the extra goodies of discounted ticket rates, customized experience and personal touches, flexibility in scheduling, only your group on the tour, and a few other additional surprises along the way.

Our private corporate tours are fun and affordable with plenty of tasty food for everyone. Ready to book? If you’re looking to plan a one-of-a-kind corporate event or celebration, we want to hear from you! Contact us here or call 800-656-0713 to reserve your spot today!