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OFT’s Top 5 Central Florida Summer Camp Guide

OFT’s Top 5 Central Florida Summer Camp Guide

School’s out for the summer…

Now, let the adventures begin.

It’s nearly the beginning of the month and all I can see are e-bills flooding my inbox and it reminds me of how much fun it was to just be a kid (and how I miss those days). For a kid, when school’s out the adventure begins, so what do you have planned for your kids this summer?

There’s still time to book up an adventure and Central Florida Summer Camps are everywhere.

Check out our top 5 quick-guide now:

OFT’s Top 5 Summer Camp Guide

1. iBrick Academy

Ages: 3+

For the lego lover in the house. This certified instructor-led camp gets their gears turning (even if they think it’s just fun and games) as they learn technology, math, science and engineering — prepping them for success throughout the school year. They have a variety of locations and each day of the camp’s a little different. Check out camps near you when you click here >>

2. Orlando Magic Basketball Camps

Ages: 7 – 16

Get ’em off the couch and on the court with the Orlando Magic Basketball Camp. Hosted by UnitedHealthcare at a variety of Central Florida locations, these camps are meant to get them active, building teamwork skills and making friendships and memories not soon to be forgotten diovan blood pressure medicine. See participating locations around Central Florida here >>

Central Florida Community Arts

Ages: 3 – 17

Let them shine on the big stage with Central Florida Community Arts camps — starting as young as preschool-age. They have “Expedition Exploring the Arts” for the youngest crew, then a beginner musical theater camp, and even “Broadway Bound” for the little thespian in 7th – 12th grade. Dates range June 15 through July 17. Check out camp details here >>

Camp Illahaw

Ages: 10 – 15

Dirt don’t hurt! Let them get a little messy as they hike, kayak, camp out, swim, get into epic paintball battles, and even zipline at Camp Illahaw. Plus, it’s a one week, overnight camp on a real Florida ranch, rich with history and Florida’s acclaimed natural beauty. To see upcoming dates and more on the long list of activities, go here >>

Aviation Camp

Ages: 14 – 18

Let them reach new heights with the Aeroism Flight Academy’s weeklong camp in June. For their $500 camp fee, they get to learn the basics of flying, using the radio, and even get to fly with a certified instructor. Lunch, take home logbook and more included! Of course, this one’s for the older kids — ages 14 -18. Check out the camp day-by-day breakdown here >>

Don’t Forget to do a Little Exploring For Yourself

While the kids are away, mom and dad will play, right? Check out lunch tours, Friday – Sunday and even our NEW! Wednesday evening date night tours here (use coupon code “foodblog” for an instant 10% off your tickets) >>