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Kiss the Cook: Cooking Class in Orlando

Cooking Classes in OrlandoUh oh! [No more] Spaghetti Os…

If you’re a fellow foodie looking for a cooking class in Orlando, Fla., you know that finding classes isn’t all too hard (the area has tons of classes). Really, the trouble is finding a cooking class in Orlando that’s A) worth the price B) gets you full.

Whether it’s date night, girl’s night, or just any ole night, we’ve got you covered with…

OFT’s Orlando Cooking Class Guide

Ancient Olive’s Winter Park Cooking Class

Ancient Olive, a favorite stop on The Winter Park Walking Food Tour, takes on a new epicurean adventure with their monthly cooking class. Tickets start at just $14 and typically hold groups of about 12. One thing we love is that the recipes are great while the food stays practical. Instead of learning to make something with a million ingredients you’ll never have on hand, you’ll get your hands dirty creating dishes you can actually see yourself making at home on the regular. They even have classes titled, “easy weeknight dinner.”

The next class is May 17th where Maria Ruiz-Castaneda (from Kernel Desires) is showing you grilled pizzas, yogurt-marinated skewers and grilled fruit — a perfect combo for the summer nights we’re all ready for about now… Check the schedule and get tickets here.

East End Market Cooking Class

A bit more on the pricey side of things, but great quality and a good bang for your buck are the cooking classes at East End Market. Now the prices vary — some couples classes are $120/couple and others are closer to $180 — but you get recipes, hands-on instruction, a sit down meal with your cooking companion and you can bring your own drinks. Each class has 3 to 4 courses too, so you know you won’t leave hungry. The best part: local ingredients from East End Market’s finest!

The next class is June 5th with Chef Jes Tantalo. Check the schedule and get details here.

Truffles and Trifles Cooking Classes

With hands-down the largest selection and frequency of classes, we’ve heard amazing things about Truffles and Trifles. With classes ranging from Mediterranean dishes to Moroccan to seafood and all the way to classes for future hostesses with the mostesses, class admission ranges anywhere from $57/person to around $120/couple. There is one problem; their classes are so sought after that they sell out rather quickly, so you have to get your reservation fast!

The next class is April 28th for Moroccan Hospitality (pork, bass with shrimp, couscous — the works!). Check the schedule and set your reservation while there’s still time.

Don’t Want to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Eh, cooking’s not for everyone. Luckily, you don’t HAVE TO cook it to enjoy it. Let the best of the best Winter Park Chefs whip up their classics for you on an upcoming food tour.

Check tour dates here.

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