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Geeky Beer Lovers Unite at Gaming Tavern Near UCF

Cloaks and BlasterAfter circling the packed parking lot a few times in this tiny shopping center behind the massive shadow of Waterford Lakes Town Center, I tugged on the two, heavy glass doors to Cloak and Blaster. Immediately, the quiet midnight air filled with rambunctious rambling and laughter from the card game two tables to the right of the hostess (one of the owners just happened to be seating tables at the time). She smiles and welcomes my friend — a true nerdy regular — by name. I chuckle a little; after all, their tavern-like atmosphere has waiters with shirts that say, ‘where everybody knows your game’ and the fact that she knew him by name just added to that Cheers feel.

We sat down, ordered off of the special Pi Day menu (yes, we do celebrate pi day in this crowd), then immediately went up the stairwell to check on the big screen TV’s epic Super MarioKart tournament before grabbing our selections (Dominoes and Martian Fluxx) from the large bookcases of games next to the bar.

Gaming in Orlando just took it up a notch.

This gaming pub is safe for über geeks and just looking-for-a-good-time people ready to order off of the 90+ craft beer menu. To sweeten the deal, the food is priced very fair for what you get and the desserts are yummy too (see pics below).

All in all, we’ve found a new guilty-pleasure, gaming in Orlando hangout and it’s time that we let you in on all of the juicy details.

Apple Pi Mead - Cloak and Blaster

Drink Like a Geek (& Eat Like One Too)

This Gaming in Orlando spot can be found @ 875 Woodbury Road, Suite 108, Orlando, Florida

From the looks of Bilbo’s kitchen table, you knew that Middle Earth had it good when it came time to chow down, but did you know that there’s a mini Middle Earth right here in Orlando?

Shepard's Pi - Cloaks and BlasterAlthough we went on Pi Day where we just had to get the Apple Pi Mead and the owner’s super-secret, Irish family recipe for true Shepard’s Pi, the regular menu doesn’t disappoint either. Carrying on with the place’s theme, you can order The Two Towers (of onion rings), Dragon Eggs (sriracha chicken bites) or feast on The Lannister (I took a picture of mine below — Peanut butter, bacon and cheese on a pretzel bun).
The Lanniester - Cloak and Blaster

All of this, and we haven’t even started on the brews. They have over 90 to choose from, some of which are Florida true brews. When I went, we tried the Apple Pi mead, which tasted just like apple pie from the crisp apple center to the irresistible crust.

Not into the suds? Order up a float or your favorite cream soda!

For the Love of the Game

Gaming @ Cloak and BlasterNope, sorry; we’re not talking about baseball here. With everything from Monopoly and Guess Who to the more serious games of Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity, they have it all. Your open tab allows you to rent out cards or a board games to your beautiful wood table built by the owner, Markus, himself. Or, head upstairs to the couches and plop in front of the T.V. with controller in hand.

Oh, and don’t worry about the weather channel being on at this joint. They stay true through and through, playing Dr. Who, Game of Thrones and other dorky delights.

The Real Gaming in Orlando Deal

Fluxx at Cloak and BlasterAs our waiter put it, you won’t find “booth babes” here. The servers are real gamers who get it as much as you do and we LOVE it that way. The owners — they’re semi-famous in the gaming world and even spoke at PAX East.

Employee and gaming pub regular, Mark Anthony Ruiz, says, “It feels like home. Today, geek culture is constantly garnering more attention and by extension, scrutiny. So, to have a place that feels like a second home to many, where people can geek out without the pressure of judgment is wonderful and makes me proud to be a part of it all. From the owners all the way to the bussers, we are all geeks through and through. And, despite sharing a common love of good food, good drink, and good culture, our individuality shines through and I feel that gives our establishment a really unique feel.”

Cheat Codes

    Cloak and Blaster Wall
  1. This is NOT a video game bar or an arcade. It’s more focused on nerd culture, board games and beer than that stuff. With that said, they do have some virtual play like MarioKart and Titanfall, but if you’re expecting something like Player 1, this isn’t like that. Plus, it has a lot more room in the open layout.
  2. Looking for specials? Happy hour is officially Hobbit Hour here with 25% off of apps and $1 off beer/cider specials. Hobbit Hour is every weekday from 6 – 8 pm.
  3. Don’t miss out on the customer contests, trivia nights, themed nights, and watch parties. Follow Cloak and Blaster on Facebook to stay current on all pub events.

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