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6 Reasons a Food Tour of Orlando is an Awesome Idea

6 Reasons a Food Tour of Orlando is an Awesome Idea

Ask a tourist what they think the top thing to do in Orlando is and they’ll probably say “Disney” or something Disney related. But ask a local foodie and you may get a totally different answer: food tour!

We may be a little biased, but one of the best ways to explore Orlando (or any city) is to join a local food tour. It’s a win-win scenario: you get to eat (no risk of getting hangry) and you get local insight on the area and its culinary scene all in the span of an afternoon.

If you love food, a food tour is a no brainer. But just in case, we’ve got a list of reasons a food tour is not just a good idea, but an awesome idea:

1. You get to try many restaurants at once

The struggle is real for foodies visiting a new city for the first time or trying to acquaint themselves with local restaurants. Even in Orlando the choices are overwhelming, and new restaurants are always popping up. Food tours solve part of this problem by allowing you to visit multiple restaurants all in one go. In just 3 hours in Winter Park, you get to try 6 different locations. Way easier than visiting one at a time over several weeks (or days…we’re not judging).


2. You’ll learn something new

Aside from the eating part, another benefit of food tours is the amount of new information you learn. Many food tour stops include a presentation by the owners or employees where you may pick up new ideas to implement into your own kitchen. Exposure to new foods and restaurants may also teach you something about yourself. Even Orlando locals can pick up new history tidbits and cooking techniques on a food tour.

3. There will be new foods

Whether you’re itching to get out of your culinary comfort zone or just want to try some new restaurants, there’s a good chance you won’t be familiar with some of the restaurants visited or foods offered on your tour. Even Winter Park locals may not have tried some of the stops on our tour (it does happen). If you’re in the pursuit of new foods, look no further.


4. You’ll make new friends

Foodie people are good people and that’s a fact. Food tour groups are small allowing you to get to know others in the group. And when you’re doing things together, like “slurping” olive oil for the first time, friendliness and laughs are kind of inevitable. Locals get a chance to meet travelers and other locals, and vice versa.

5. Get new insights on the area, even as a local

Even if you grew up in the area, you can expect to learn more than one new thing. Maybe it’s a piece of history you weren’t aware of, or the background on a restaurant you haven’t visited yet. We’re locals ourselves and we work hard to make sure we present information that’s not only interesting, but also not as well known. Our ultimate goal is to feed your belly AND your mind.


6. Save Money

Sure, you could return to the area multiple times trying a new restaurant on each visit, but if you’d rather get a varied taste of what’s on offer, food tours can’t be beat. You’ll visit multiple shops and restaurants with food at each stop, all for the price of one meal instead of six. The total amount of food served on a food tour is equal to a hearty lunch, and we promise you won’t leave hungry.

Food tours are a fun and different thing to do when traveling, and they’re equally as beneficial for locals. Next time you’re stumped on what to do in Orlando, join us!

Hungry yet? Join us on a food tour!

Now round up your friends and come on a walking food tour of Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours.

Tickets are available online here and tours run every Saturday and Sunday at 11:15am. See you soon!