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Restaurant Review | The Coop

The Coop - A Southern StapleMaybe it was the mismatched chairs… Maybe it was the surveying of everyone’s plates loaded down with classic southern dishes (served in classic southern portion sizes). Or, maybe it was the uncontrollable grin that crossed our faces when we saw John Rivers (THE chef John Rivers from 4 Rivers Smokehouse) talking to guests. Whatever it was, The Coop has us hooked from the start and we’ve been coming back ever since.

If you haven’t been to The Coop, let us give you a little taste of this new in Winter Park, Fla favorite.

The Coop – A Southern {Restaurant Review} Affair

The Deets
Location: 610 W Morse Blvd, Winter ParkFL 32789
Yelp Reviews:
Prices: $5-$30

The Nitty Gritty
Alright ya’ll, it’s time. The Coop has been open for a handful of months and things are getting a little more calm to where those of us who don’t want to be the first ones at a new restaurant when the line is wrapped around the corner are able to place their stake and take the adventure in. While the line is still longer than most places in Winter Park (when isn’t the line out the door at one of John Rivers’ amazing restaurants?), this Hannibal Square restaurant is located at the corner of Morse Ave and Pennsylvania Ave, just minutes from beautiful Park Ave and it’s a must go, hands down!

The Coop - MenuThe menu offers a variety of southern dishes such as meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie and, of course, FRIED CHICKEN. The thing you must try here is the fried chicken complete with serving bucket. It’s crispy, fresh, juicy, and it might put momma’s Sunday fried chicken to shame. We’ve tried a number of things on the menu, but one of our favorites is definitely the chicken pot pie. It’s just so easy to get that pot pie with too many veggies or the chicken just isn’t at the right consistency. Well, at The Coop, they get it just right and then some. The meatloaf is pretty spot on and, now that we think about it, the meatloaf sandwich is pretty incredible too… Add some creamed corn and cornbread and you’ll have a feast! We think it’d be safe to say that you could close your eyes and point to the menu and still find something you’ll love.

Lip-Smacking Goodness
Of course, we can’t forget the pictures. Get your napkin out for these drool-worthy pics!

The Coop - Serving Line

Soul Food, Soul Food and More Soul Food (You Can Even Sample Items as You Wait)

The Coop - Order Carry Out

Chicken Pot Pie Was Beautiful When Served



Insider Not-So-Secret Secrets

  • The Coop - Pick Up WindowPick Up Window: Similar to the Four Rivers Smokehouse pick-up window in Gainesville, Fla., you can call in and pick up curbside for when you need to get through lunch quickly, but you aren’t feeling the need to sacrifice on the quality of your food
  • The Coop Serves The KingDaily Special: That’s right. They have daily specials that you simply can’t ignore. The best special we’ve had so far was “The King.” It’s a grilled peanut butter, honey, banana and bacon mouthful of galore. Add some hushpuppies as your fixin’ and you’re all set!
  • Loyalty Club: You may not know it yet, but you’ll be coming back for more. Check out “The Coop Troupe” club and earn rewards for free food later on.

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