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Best Orlando Restaurants To Hit Up In 2014

Looking for the best Orlando restaurants to explore this year? Well, we’ve done a lot of research and we’re ready to share our findings with you. Drum roll please…

Orlando Food Tours Top Restaurants List

Best Orlando Restaurant #1:

Noodles and Rice Cafe

813 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
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Best Orlando Restaurants - Noodles and Rice Asian Hot Pot

Asian Hot Pot (image from

Now, this little treasure opened last year and it’s located right off of Mills Ave in Orlando. If the name didn’t give it away, they specialize in true oriental dishes. Beware: It is just shy of a sin to NOT order their hot pot on your first visit. It’s just that good.

Basically, a hot pot (or nabemono as our Japanese friends call it) is your ticket to customizing your meal with a traditional dish predating even the Tang Dynasty. It’s Asian fondue (but on an entirely new level). You get to choose your soup flavor, choose your meat, choose your veggies and even select from 9 noodle options including their gluten-free selections. All in all, you can have thousands of different combinations to make your hot pot a unique creation each and every time. And, that’s not including their signature sauce bar!

A word to the wise… Be careful when you order your food spicy. They do not skimp on the heat. While it’s something that we love about them, it isn’t always ideal for sensitive palates.

Best Orlando Restaurant #2:

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

1103 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
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Best Orlando Restaurants - Hawkers Asian Street Fare. Image from:

Roti Canai – Hawkers Asian Street Fare.

Amid the hustle and bustle of Asian streets, there are Hawkers. Hawkers are essentially street vendors much like you’d see in New York, but with an oriental cuisine twist. While some hawkers sell merchandise, other vendors (which helped this restaurant get its name) are the native food masters who sell incredible dishes based upon long-standing recipes of their respective communities.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare beautifully utilizes this idea to create a vast menu of tapas-style plates — each paying homage to distinct flavors and combinations rarely found to this degree outside of China, Korea or Malaysia. It even has a stamp of approval from Heather McPherson  of the Orlando Sentinel (see her review here).

We wanted to break down some of our favorite suggestions for you, but the list got very long, very fast. So, we decided not to settle… We have three uncompromising suggestions for you: Honey Sriracha Wings, Roti Canai (buttery, flatbread goodness), and Beef Hawn Fun (five steps beyond your normal beef stir fry). Need we say more?

Best Orlando Restaurant #3:


124 N. Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789
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Best Orlando Restaurants - Prato's Widow Maker Pizza

Prato’s Widow Maker Pizza

Prato is a grand salute to tradition with an eye for modern technique. What does this mean for you? Traditional Italian dishes with an inspiring outlook on the fresh tastes of today. With wide open doors looking directly out onto Park Avenue in Winter Park, this restaurant’s full bar and seasonal menu perfectly unite the vibe of the rich history of the town with its vibrant and lively culture.

Winner of a number of awards ranging from Orlando Magazine’s 2013 Dining Awards to Open Table’s Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants in the United States, this casual scene is a no-brainer for any day of the week. It’s known for its pizzas and pasta and for a good reason; all of Prato’s ingredients are high-quality, fresh finds from the local community. If you’re planning on making a visit, we highly suggest the widow maker pizza complete with a fried egg. It sounds a little unconventional, but the taste is unreal. It’s because of their unwavering stance on high quality and unsurmountable taste that this restaurant has become one of the best restaurants in Florida and that’s why it has made its way onto OFT’s Park Avenue Walking Food Tour.

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