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Best Breakfast in Orlando Revealed! Part I

Looking for the best breakfast in Orlando? Crepes, stuffed French toast, home fries… You know you want them, but you also know that there’s a big difference between a Mickey D’s drive thru delight and the real, down-home deal.

In this 3-part breakfast series, we’re showing you exactly where we spend our weekend mornings and what you’re likely to find on our breakfast plates!

Best Breakfast in Orlando Pick #1

Cask & Larder

Best Breakfast in Orlando Pick - Cask & Larder

Chicken and Waffles from Cask & Larder

Location: 565 West Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 
Hours: Brunch begins on Sunday at 10:30am and ends at 3:00pm click this.




“Cask,” as we like to call it, is amazing. Whenever someone brings up Cask & Larder, you can almost see our eyes open wider and mouths start to water.

This southern-inspired restaurant has never skimped on anything and that’s why it’s made our list. Now, this spot isn’t open for those early morning breakfast outings, but they do have a brunch menu that can’t be beat.

Located in beautiful Winter Park, you get the feel of a small, artisan bistro with a great view of the brewing room and the chefs. Each dish is served based upon when its respective ingredients which are perfectly in season. Oh, and for all of our #instagram buddies, every dish comes out #FoodiePicWorthy.

What’s our favorite item you ask? Hands down, it’s the chicken and waffles! Even if you’re one of the folks that look cross-eyed at this rather odd breakfast combo, you have to give it a try. And really, the only thing weird about this pic is that we were able to wait to dig into this meal long enough to snag the picture.

Cask & Larder Bake Shop Board

Cask & Larder Bake Shop Board

And, if you’re planning on brining the crew, order the Bake Shop Board (see pic). It has a variety of sweet treats to go with your morning chat. It’s one menu item that we truly can’t resist (and we bet that after just one bite, you’ll feel the same way too).

See the full menu here:

The Town Weighs In

We’re not the only ones crazy about Cask & Larder. This place has 174 reviews of people loving it up over in Winter Park.

See Cask & Larder Reviews on Yelp.

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