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Common Orlando Food Tours Myths

Learn about the new Orlando Food Tours

Welcome to the new Orlando Food Tours.

Setting the record straight about Orlando Food Tours…

Have you heard that Orlando Food Tours has been around for years? What about that stinking old truck that the owner drives as he reeks havoc around Central Florida?

It’s okay. We’re starting to hear about these myths too, so we wanted to take a moment to set the record straight.

Here at Orlando Food Tours, we started holding VIP tour experiences in 2013. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of Orlando food tours that didn’t last over the years and there’s no doubt that the old Orlando Food Tours could be one of them.

Will the Real Orlando Food Tours Please Stand Up?

With that said, there’s a lot about us that you might not know as we launch our big Park Avenue Walking Food Tour such as:

1. Orlando Food Tours is founded and ran by real-life, local foodies. In reality, our tour guides have found these top spots and hidden gems on their personal dinner adventures as they sought out the best food that Central Florida restaurants had to offer. That’s why these restaurant tastings have more of a VIP feel to them. The restaurants and the samples (if you can call these good-sized portions that) are truly top-notch and they use the freshest ingredients from local farmers to create an unforgettable tasting experience.

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2. You can get full on an Orlando Food Tour. We use the term ‘sample’ lightly (or heavily — it’s all about perspective). We make sure that everyone gets to try multiple samples at each food-related stop (we do some historical stops too). All in all, our samples will more than likely leave you full just because of how many samples you will get and the generous portions you will be served. We’ve never had anyone leave hungry! (Don’t take our word for it. See Orlando Food Tours Reviews on Yelp by clicking here >>)

Sneak Peek into Orlando Food Tours

Sneak Peek at what’s on Orlando Food Tours’ tastings

3. You can enjoy top-notch dishes at a fraction of the price (and learn a little something too)! With your Orlando Food Tours ticket, your drinks and tastings are covered for your trip. We even throw in some burned calories as we scour the town on foot to keep the tour intimate and to make sure that no one gets lost in a sea of mediocre madness as is the case on other food tours. We make sure that everyone gets the best dishes from each place and a variety of samples to really get a feel for the finer things in Orlando life — all of which is included in your $47 tour ticket.

4. We love our vendors and they love us back. We found these restaurants and shops because we fell in love with them ourselves. We frequent them outside of the tour setting and we constantly boast about them because they really are as good as everyone says they are. That’s why we’ve partnered with them. We were friends with some of the restaurant owners before the tour began and we make sure that everyone loves the relationship because we truly care about these restaurants and their staff.

See What Orlando Food Tours is All About for Yourself

Now, we have heard that these things might not have been true from the last tour company who had these stomping grounds, but we don’t really know. We never did get a chance to meet the old Orlando Food Tours, but we do want the chance to meet you.

To see what the real Orlando Food Tours is all about, you just have to experience it for yourself. Check out upcoming tour dates here >>