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Booze-serving Taco Bell Cantina Opening Near UCF!

Booze-serving Taco Bell Cantina Opening Near UCF!

What goes with broke college students better than the Taco Bell dollar menu? How bout’ a Taco Bell with a dollar menu AND booze?

That’s right, folks! Taco Bell is opening Central Florida’s first booze-serving Taco Bell Cantina location in the UCF area on the corner of Alafaya and University, across from UCF’s main entrance.

Now, when drunk UCF students stumble out of Bar Louie (which also shares the plaza location) they can make their way to Taco Bell for some sustenance and, well, more booze!

We must say, it does appear that Taco Bell is targeting the colleges in Florida, as they just recently opened their first Florida location in Gainesville, near the University of Florida. The UCF Taco Bell Cantina location will be the second Cantina location statewide.

Trying to cater to today’s millennial tastes and preferences, the new Taco Bell Cantinas are more upscale than their regular Taco Bell locations and feature craft beer, wine, sangria, and their token frozen drinks… now with the option of adding alcohol! They also feature a large open kitchen and murals from local artists. The only thing missing is the drive-thru.

Taco Bell has yet to release an opening date for the new UCF location but plans to open around 300 of the drive-thru-free locations over the next five years.