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3 Ways to do a Progressive Meal in Audubon Park

3 Ways to do a Progressive Meal in Audubon Park

Whether you prefer to refer to Audubon Park by its official name or its nickname, the “dessert district,” there’s no denying that this small but mighty area of Orlando is a foodie heaven.

Loving Audubon Park is simple. Multiple dessert shops are within walking distance of one another. East End Market serves as a community gathering place where you can buy your fresh produce, a gigantic cookie, local goods, and some of the best craft coffee in town all under one roof. There’s no shortage of bars and eateries, and close proximity to one another creates the perfect environment for a progressive meal.

1. Drinks + Dessert

Take full advantage of the multitude of sweet shops within walking distance of each other, and quench your thirst with craft beer and cocktails along the way. Start off at Blue Bird Bake Shop with a cupcake, then pop into Florida & Co. in East End Market for a refreshing pint of craft beer from Florida. After your beer, head back across the street to Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream for a scoop (or an ice cream flight) of the tastiest ice cream in Orlando. The cookie monster and Mexican chocolate are personal favorite flavors.

Other great stops to add to your “meal” include Redlight Redlight and Stardust Video & Coffee. If you want to sprinkle in some caffeine with all those carbs and sugar, give yourself a boost with a cold brew from Lineage.

2. East End Market

You can enjoy an entire progressive dinner from appetizer to dessert without leaving East End Market. Kick things off with a cheese board and champagne cocktail at La Femme du Fromage, one of the best places in Orlando to purchase artisanal cheeses. Afterwards, try the BBQ brisket tacos from Houndstooth Sauce Company and include ramen from Domu as your main course. If you’re still hungry afterwards, treat yourself to a giant cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse and save the leftovers for the following day. (If there are any leftovers at all…)

3. Sandwiches

Progressive meals are typically a dinnertime thing, but why wait? Load up on meat, cheese, and carbs (aka the good stuff) by doing your own progressive sandwich lunch. We love any sandwich from Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux, served with a side of delicious black bean soup and the signature jelly beans. For a sandwich of the cheesier variety, don’t miss La Femme du Fromage’s grilled cheese. Even lunchtime calls for a dessert, so head on over to P is for Pie Bake Shop and get yourself a whoopie pie. The flavor options are endless; choose from chocolate, ginger, snickerdoodle, and many more.

While the food alone is reason enough to visit, do yourself a favor and plan your visit around one of many events happening in the area. There are monthly “swarm” rides with the Fleet Farming group, a weekly community market on Mondays in the parking lot of Stardust, and Harry P. Leu Gardens offers a cheap movie night once a month.