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In My Kitchen: Flirty, Girly Apron

The Marilyn apron by Flirty Aprons

The Marilyn apron by Flirty Aprons

If I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m probably a grouponaholic. It’s like having a mini heart attack every time I check my credit card bill and see how many times I’ve hit that little green buy button. My current condition: slightly poorer, but dancing around the kitchen in a new girly apron by Flirty Aprons!

NOTE: You’ll see that my hair is down in the pics. I absolutely cook with my hair tied back, but I wanted to model for you. 😛

Girly Aprons by Flirty Aprons – The Newest Addition to My Kitchen

It’s funny really. There’s three of us who share our recipes and cooking insights on the blog and I’m probably the worst in the kitchen, so what do I do to make up for it? Buy pretty plates and aprons so I feel better about how my cooking looks while I’m doing it. Stupid? Absolutely! Fun? You betcha!

Check it out - girly apronSo, back to the point. I bought a flirty apron. You know… The ones with the bows and the skirts and the pretty colors? Yeah, I caved and bought one (man, I feel like I said that I caved not too long ago in a blog post about pretzel pizza. Maybe I need to work on my self-control). I waited for that white and green package in the mail and when it came, I ran to the recipe drawer so I had something to bake. I just didn’t feel right wearing the apron without flour or sugar on my hands.

I ended up with the Marilyn Sugar ‘N Spice. It’s one size fits all and the cuts are perfect. It can be tied to fit however you’d like. It’s made well and the material isn’t that stiff fabric I’ve found with some aprons.

Check out their apron line here >>

They also have things for guys and adorable aprons for the kiddos. One thing I found really interesting was their big bibs that actually cover the parts of the baby that get messy — like their entire front side! So neat!

Overall, I love it and it’s a fun talking piece that I’m not worried about wearing while cooking for people because I still look sort of put together. Heck, who am I kidding? You read the part where I’m terrible in the kitchen, right? I rarely cook for others, but if I did, I’d be sure to make a point to wear this beauty!