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Smoking on the Patio Banned at 20 Winter Park Restaurants

It’s official… More than 20 Winter Park Restaurants have decided to “Breathe Easy” with smoke-free patio dining.

In an initiative supported by Florida Hospital to curb second-hand smoke on Park Ave, restaurants such as Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, The Coop, The Ravenous Pig, Will’s Pub and more (for the full list, go here) are banning smoking in their outdoor dining areas.

Smoke Free Winter Park DiningWhen the news broke on Facebook, lots of opinions came out.

One thing everyone discussed was whether or not the government could enforce such a ban, but Central Florida News 13 made it clear that this was a voluntary program arranged by the restaurants and not local government.

What it all comes down to: Making Winter Park the healthiest city in the nation… Another proud statement tacked onto the an already nationally-known and praised city.

No doubt about it; this initiative is a big change. So, what are your thoughts on it? Do you support this move? Tell us on Facebook here.