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Now that Orlando Food Tours is Ranked #2 on TripAdvisor, Here’s What’s Next…

Orlando Food Tours Ranked #2 on Trip AdvisorDuring their first year in business, Orlando Food Tours has moved up the ranks to the #2 spot on TripAdvisor’s Things to Do in Winter Park list, boasting a five-star rating for their food and sight-seeing tour. After seeing more than 700 tour goers since December 2013, this Orlando tour just released news that it will be increasing its number of weekly tours and expanding the stop list as the local business begins its second year around the sun.

“The best part of this year was seeing past tour goers leave 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor while telling us that they were going back to some of the shops on the tour because they loved them so much,” said Kiel Cravatta, Orlando Food Tours Co-Owner. “To see people telling their friends about how surprised they were with the amount of food they had on the tour and that the tour gave them the chance to visit stops that they had never been to before, even after living in the area for years was incredible. The whole experience has been our dream come true. It was a little nerve-racking to try something new with the tour concept, but we went in with all of our hearts and the people responded. There’s no better feeling than that.”

With more than six local partners in the Winter Park area including Prato, Sassafras Sweet Shoppe, and The Spice and Tea Exchange, this up-and-coming tour continues to redefine how both locals and tourists see the historic and culturally-rich areas of Central Florida often overshadowed by the theme-park scene. This vision has been well-received in the community as can be seen through the tour’s quick growth. What was once a two-man side business running two tours per week now regularly sells out six weekly tours. The high demand for tours became so strong in 2014 that the tour had to quadruple its tour guide staff and it is still looking to double the number of team member with the hope of continuing to grow and show others the fun and finer side of Central Florida.

When asked about what’s next in the new year for this tour, Cravatta said, “it’s really not about our small group of friends anymore; it’s so much more and this area and its people made that happen for us. Now we just want to do more to show them the love they’ve shown us. We’re looking to double our staff, we have talks in the works with some new restaurants and shops we want to add to the tour, and we’re looking into launching a tour in College Park this year.”

With a promise for more news to come, sources did say that the tour is set to launch its first-ever lunch tour in March of this year and potentially a dinner tour sometime around August 2015.

About Orlando Food Tours

Orlando Food Tours was founded in 2013 by a group of local food-enthusiasts looking to share the rich culture and finer tastes of the area with locals and tourists alike. Through guided tour experiences, Orlando Food Tours brings participants face-to-face with fresh flavors and the remarkable history unique to the local community. By supporting local businesses on their tour, the organization aims to not only give back to the neighborhood the organization is so fond of, it also serves to preserve and promote the magnificent history which has truly made Orlando deserving of the title, “The City Beautiful.”


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