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New Restaurant, Boca Winter Park, Makes Headlines

Boca Winter Park - New Restaurant ReviewWell that put a smile on my face! I was flipping through Lifestyle‘s December issue and the foodie in me instinctively went to the Bon Appetit section and much to my surprise, a new restaurant, Boca Winter Park, finally made some much deserved headlines.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but we’re all about the farm-to-table movement and located where Matilda’s used to be in Winter Park, this new OFT favorite dinner spot is perfect when you’re taking a stroll down Park Ave.

Boca Winter Park ReviewNot to steal any of the thunder from the article which goes into depth about the farms, vision and style of Boca, we can say that the flatbreads were incredible and the al fresco dining made for a cozy, comfy feel. As always, when we fall in love with a new spot, we fall head over heels so we have to point out a few things to try… This time, it’s the short ribs and you just have to try an artisan cocktail from the menu; it really gives you a feel for what they’re making happen at Boca Winter Park.

Looking for some #foodporn potential? This is your place. There are lots of fresh herbs on display that are great to snap pictures of and although we failed you and didn’t get pics of our visit, Lifestyle magazine has you covered on that front.

Check out the new restaurant review here. (Skip on over to pg. 18 for the full read-through).