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Good Eats in Gainesville

Photo Courtesy of Yelp's Amani H.

Photo Courtesy of Yelp’s Amani H.

At Orlando Food Tours we take you on a trip in Winter Park, FL that delights your taste buds but what about outside of Winter Park? Surely there are amazing places to eat besides local, right? Today we look at Gainesville, FL and look to help you out with some resources to check out if you’ll be visiting soon.

Whether you’re moving to Gainesville because you just got into UF, a job relocation or just visiting on a gameday during football season and want to know some places you can visit while in town, we got you covered (not the bill, you gotta pay that yourself).

Our friends at Rent Gainesville apartments, who specialize in helping people search Gainesville apartments, have their own top 5 places to eat in Gainesville:

  • Hogan’s – NY style deli with awesome subs for about $7 with a soda. Don’t worry there’s a full service bar too. (CASH ONLY)
  • Satchels – Unique pizzeria with an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you dine inside or inside the renovated van, you won’t find another place like this anywhere. (CASH ONLY)
  • The Top – Great location downtown for those visiting just for a weekend or a gameday.
  • Embers – This local steak house rivals some of the larger well known places in the country. Only to be found in Gainesville, it’s a definite must try next time you’re in town and looking for a nice place to have dinner.
  • Manuel’s – This unique Italian restaurant will make you wonder what you ate previously that was called Italian food. Rated the number 1 place to eat in Gainesville, it’s a definite must have at some point in your life.

Not sure about some of these choices? That’s okay because just like Orlando, Gainesville is in no short supply of foodies. Ken Eats Gainesville is a food blog that highlights several great places to eat and tries out new places all the time. If you’re looking for a sure fire winner though, check out his “Best-of List” which highlights the best of for any category you can think of.

Have you been to Gainesville and had an amazing taste bud experience? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!