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A food tour of Orlando is a must when visiting the area

6 Reasons a Food Tour of Orlando is an Awesome Idea

Ask a tourist what they think the top thing to do in Orlando is and they’ll probably say “Disney” or something Disney related. But ask a local foodie and you may get a totally different answer: food tour! We may be a little biased, but one of the best ways to explore Orlando (or any city) is to join a local food tour. It’s a win-win scenario: you get to eat (no risk of getting hangry) and you get local insight on the area and its culinary scene all in the span of an afternoon. If you love food, a food tour is a no brainer. But just in case, we’ve got a list of reasons a food tour is not just a good idea, but an awesome idea: 1. You get to try many restaurants at once The struggle is real for foodies visiting a new city for the first time or trying to acquaint themselves with local restaurants. Even in Orlando the choices are overwhelming, and new restaurants are always popping up. Food tours solve part of this problem by allowing you to visit multiple restaurants all in one go. In just 3 hours in Winter Park, you get to try 6 different locations. Way easier than visiting one at a time over several weeks (or days…we’re not judging). 2. You’ll learn something new Aside from the eating part, another benefit of food tours is the amount of new information you learn. Many food tour stops include a presentation by the owners or employees where you may pick up new ideas to implement into your own kitchen. Exposure to new foods and restaurants may also teach you something about yourself. Even Orlando locals can pick up new history tidbits and cooking techniques on a food tour. 3. There will be new foods Whether you’re itching to get out of your culinary comfort zone or just want to try some new restaurants, there’s a good chance you won’t be familiar with some of the restaurants visited or foods offered on your tour. Even Winter Park locals may not have tried some of the stops on our tour (it does happen). If you’re in the pursuit of new foods, look no further. 4. You’ll make new friends Foodie people are good people and that’s a fact. Food tour groups are small allowing you to get to know others in the group. And when you’re doing things together, like “slurping” olive oil for the first time, friendliness and laughs are kind of inevitable. Locals get a chance to meet travelers and other locals, and vice versa. 5. Get new insights on the area, even as a local Even if you grew up in the area, you can expect to learn more than one new thing. Maybe it’s a piece of history you weren’t aware of, or the background on a restaurant you haven’t visited yet. We’re locals ourselves and we work hard to make sure we present information that’s not only interesting, but also not as well known. Our ultimate goal is to feed your belly AND your mind. 6. Save Money Sure, you could return to the area multiple times trying a new restaurant on each visit, but if you’d rather get a varied taste of what’s on offer, food tours can’t be beat. You’ll visit multiple shops and restaurants with food at each stop, all for the price of one meal instead of six. The total amount of food served on a food tour is equal to a hearty lunch, and we promise you won’t leave hungry. Food tours are a fun and different thing to do when traveling, and they’re equally as beneficial for locals. Next time you’re stumped on what to do in Orlando, join us! Hungry yet? Join us on a food tour! Now round up your friends and come on a walking food tour of Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours. Tickets are available online here and tours run every Saturday and Sunday at 11:15am. See you soon!

Orlando Food Tours Winter Park, FL

Private Birthday Party Food Tours

Want to celebrate your birthday among friends while also indulging your foodie side? Come celebrate your big day with us on a private birthday tour! We’ll take you and your friends on a guided tour of Winter Park, stopping along the way to dine at Park Ave’s top restaurants, sip on wine and cocktails, and take in the historical sights and architecture of the area. All of this adds up to a one of a kind birthday celebration you won’t forget. How it Works At Orlando Food Tours, we offer private food tours for groups of 9 or more, so round up your friends and contact us to secure a date. Unlike our normally scheduled Winter Park Walking Tour, we can offer private group tours any day of the week. You’ll get all of the goodies offered in our Winter Park Walking Food Tour, along with a few extras! Private Tour Perks In addition to everything offered on our Winter Park Walking Food Tour, private tours have some added bonuses: Portions of the tour customized to your interests Only you and your friends/family on the tour A few surprises sprinkled throughout the tour! Lower ticket prices How Much Does it Cost? We have special rates available for large groups. Groups of 9 or more are $40 per ticket saving each guest $7. Our tours are fun and affordable with plenty of tasty food for everyone. Contact Us To book your private birthday tour, contact us today and we’ll start planning!

Private food tour 40th birthday celebration Winter Park, FL

Private Food Tours

Looking for a unique and memorable activity to enjoy with friends, coworkers, or family? Orlando Food Tours offers fully customizable private food tours for groups of 9 or more. You’ll enjoy a VIP dining experience noshing on hand-selected foods and sipping adult beverages at 6 different tasting stops, while learning about local history and culture in historic Park Ave. Types of Events Our private food tours give you a unique and personal dining experience at some of Winter Park’s hottest restaurants. Private tours are perfect for: Birthday parties and Bridal showers Coworker team building events Girls/guys night out Groups attending conferences who want to experience the local area Family outings Out of town groups visiting Florida Private tours perks: Enjoy everything offered on our Walking Food Tour of Winter Park, along with these extra goodies: Discounted ticket rates Customized experience and personal touches Flexibility in scheduling Only your group on the tour A few surprises along the way “Winter Park is a great town and this tour not only introduced us to some great architecture and facts but also to some great food and drinks! I’ve taken food tours in several cities but have to say that I enjoyed this one more than some others.“ – Kim, TripAdvisor How much does it cost? We have special rates available for large groups. Groups of 9 or more are $40 per ticket saving each guest $7. Our tours are fun and affordable with plenty of tasty food for everyone. Your food tour booking includes all of the above plus a few surprises along the way. Ready to book? If you’re looking to plan a one-of-a-kind event or celebration, we want to hear from you! Contact us here or give us a call today at 800-656-0713. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

OFT’s Top 5 Central Florida Summer Camp Guide

School’s out for the summer… Now, let the adventures begin. It’s nearly the beginning of the month and all I can see are e-bills flooding my inbox and it reminds me of how much fun it was to just be a kid (and how I miss those days). For a kid, when school’s out the adventure begins, so what do you have planned for your kids this summer? There’s still time to book up an adventure and Central Florida Summer Camps are everywhere. Check out our top 5 quick-guide now: OFT’s Top 5 Summer Camp Guide 1. iBrick Academy Ages: 3+ For the lego lover in the house. This certified instructor-led camp gets their gears turning (even if they think it’s just fun and games) as they learn technology, math, science and engineering — prepping them for success throughout the school year. They have a variety of locations and each day of the camp’s a little different. Check out camps near you when you click here >> 2. Orlando Magic Basketball Camps Ages: 7 – 16 Get ’em off the couch and on the court with the Orlando Magic Basketball Camp. Hosted by UnitedHealthcare at a variety of Central Florida locations, these camps are meant to get them active, building teamwork skills and making friendships and memories not soon to be forgotten diovan blood pressure medicine. See participating locations around Central Florida here >> Central Florida Community Arts Ages: 3 – 17 Let them shine on the big stage with Central Florida Community Arts camps — starting as young as preschool-age. They have “Expedition Exploring the Arts” for the youngest crew, then a beginner musical theater camp, and even “Broadway Bound” for the little thespian in 7th – 12th grade. Dates range June 15 through July 17. Check out camp details here >> Camp Illahaw Ages: 10 – 15 Dirt don’t hurt! Let them get a little messy as they hike, kayak, camp out, swim, get into epic paintball battles, and even zipline at Camp Illahaw. Plus, it’s a one week, overnight camp on a real Florida ranch, rich with history and Florida’s acclaimed natural beauty. To see upcoming dates and more on the long list of activities, go here >> Aviation Camp Ages: 14 – 18 Let them reach new heights with the Aeroism Flight Academy’s weeklong camp in June. For their $500 camp fee, they get to learn the basics of flying, using the radio, and even get to fly with a certified instructor. Lunch, take home logbook and more included! Of course, this one’s for the older kids — ages 14 -18. Check out the camp day-by-day breakdown here >> Don’t Forget to do a Little Exploring For Yourself While the kids are away, mom and dad will play, right? Check out lunch tours, Friday – Sunday and even our NEW! Wednesday evening date night tours here (use coupon code “foodblog” for an instant 10% off your tickets) >>

New Thing to Do in Orlando: Velo Creek Bike and Brew

Now that spring’s sprung, it’s like everyone is rushing outdoors and who can blame them? If you’re brushing off your bicycle looking for a new thing to do in Orlando, we might have found something that will get your gears turning… Nestled right outside of the HUGE Alafaya Woods neighborhood in Oviedo, right off of Alafaya Trail near Mitchell Hammock Road, Velo Creek Bike and Brew is bringing out the best of both worlds in a new coffee lounge/bike shop you’ve never seen before. Thing to do in Orlando: Velo Creek Bike and Brew Location: 93 Alafaya Woods Blvd. Oviedo, FL 32765 Hours: Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm, Sat & Sun 7:00am – 4:00pm It all started when we “kept seeing all the bike groups stopping at 7-11 for coffee,” said owner Kristina Daugherty. Inspired to create a fun place this group could call their own, her and her husband got to work. “We’re a young family and it was the right time to create something to pass on,” she explained. When you walk into Velo Creek Bike and Brew, the smell of fresh coffee wafts up as you walk by everything from cruisers to kid’s bikes to hard-core triathlon-ready beasts. With someone repairing bikes against the back wall and a coffee-shop lounge area, this 5-month-old hangout is gaining attention and for good reason. “We’ve lived here for 8 years now. We found a lot of bike shops that feel intimidating… I want a judge-free zone. [To] create a place of community. We’d like to cater to everyone. A neighborhood, comfortable place to talk about bikes or anything. A fun casual place to be a part of your everyday.” Uniting the Community In what Kristina calls her dream opportunity in building this business from the ground up, there’s this sense of genuine care and love for the community she now calls her own. Passers through can stop in for cupcakes, fun coffee flavors and even some brewskis during their ride or when they’re just out and about. “We get a lot of crossover [of cyclists and coffee lovers],” says Kristina. And, that’s exactly what they want. You don’t have to be an avid cyclist or ride at all to enjoy what they’re creating. Better yet, a lot of what you find in the shop supports other local business owners. For example, the honey bee latte — made with honey and bee pollen — comes from a honey farmer right down the street in Black Hammock. The coffee? From a local roaster; Blessed Bean Coffee out in Longwood. Cupcakes and desserts are from All From Scratch — a local baker. Events and Rides Although Kristina admits that she’s not quite ready for the 50 mile ride the shop hosts, many locals are. Across from the coffee bar is a calendar of local bike runs they’re hosting such as the Cupcakes and Cruisers run (a 4-mile ride topped off with cupcakes to make up for the calories burned on the ride) and the next event, the Mother’s Day ride to a bakery for mimosas and cupcake decorating on May 9th. For a full list of events, go here. Some rides are shorter and some are longer — truly something for everyone looking for fun things to do in Orlando with a little adventure in their blood. They even have FREE maintenance classes the first Wednesday of every month; holding true to their biker roots! We Give it Two Gloved-Hands, Thumbs Up Velo Creek Bike and Brew gets rave reviews in our book. The help is knowledgable and friendly. The coffee menu is fun and fresh with locally-sourced ingredients; you really can’t go wrong. Although I’m personally not the cyclist in the OFT group, they did have lots of people in there buying and getting repairs while they enjoyed a cup of Joe. Everyone had a smile on their face. In the end, you’re the judge. Give them a whirl and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

Busch Gardens Hosts Inaugural Food and Wine Festival

Just can’t wait for Fall to get your food and wine on? No problemo. Busch Gardens started hosting its inaugural Food and Wine Festival March 7th. If you haven’t made your way to Tampa yet, there’s still this weekend (12pm – 9pm) and headliner acts Daughtry and Aloe Blacc will be waiting for you.

Kiss the Cook: Cooking Class in Orlando

Uh oh! [No more] Spaghetti Os… If you’re a fellow foodie looking for a cooking class in Orlando, Fla., you know that finding classes isn’t all too hard (the area has tons of classes). Really, the trouble is finding a cooking class in Orlando that’s A) worth the price B) gets you full. Whether it’s date night, girl’s night, or just any ole night, we’ve got you covered with… OFT’s Orlando Cooking Class Guide Ancient Olive’s Winter Park Cooking Class Ancient Olive, a favorite stop on The Winter Park Walking Food Tour, takes on a new epicurean adventure with their monthly cooking class. Tickets start at just $14 and typically hold groups of about 12. One thing we love is that the recipes are great while the food stays practical. Instead of learning to make something with a million ingredients you’ll never have on hand, you’ll get your hands dirty creating dishes you can actually see yourself making at home on the regular. They even have classes titled, “easy weeknight dinner.”

Much a do about Mount Dora – Things to do in Mount Dora

Growing up around these parts, I always thought two things about Mount Dora… 1) Retired folks on the lake and 2) Christmas lights I’ve come a long way and if you’re thinking the same thing, you’re missing out. There are a lot of things to do in Mount Dora, whether you’re looking to spend a pretty penny or not a penny at all!

Geeky Beer Lovers Unite at Gaming Tavern Near UCF

After circling the packed parking lot a few times in this tiny shopping center behind the massive shadow of Waterford Lakes Town Center, I tugged on the two, heavy glass doors to Cloak and Blaster. Immediately, the quiet midnight air filled with rambunctious rambling and laughter from the card game two tables to the right of the hostess (one of the owners just happened to be seating tables at the time). She smiles and welcomes my friend — a true nerdy regular — by name. I chuckle a little; after all, their tavern-like atmosphere has waiters with shirts that say, ‘where everybody knows your game’ and the fact that she knew him by name just added to that Cheers feel. We sat down, ordered off of the special Pi Day menu (yes, we do celebrate pi day in this crowd), then immediately went up the stairwell to check on the big screen TV’s epic Super MarioKart tournament before grabbing our selections (Dominoes and Martian Fluxx) from the large bookcases of games next to the bar. Gaming in Orlando just took it up a notch. This gaming pub is safe for über geeks and just looking-for-a-good-time people ready to order off of the 90+ craft beer menu. To sweeten the deal, the food is priced very fair for what you get and the desserts are yummy too (see pics below).

New Thing to Do In Orlando for Couples – Park Ave. Meet & Eat

Is date night getting dull? Looking for something new to do with your boo? Let’s cut to the chase and not get cutesy… We’re all adults here. Orlando Food Tours just announced its latest ‘thing to do in Orlando for couples’ event. It’s a brand new twist on the award-winning food and history tour; this time, it’s just for couples looking to get out on the town, explore new flavors, and make new friends. About the Park Ave. Meet & Eat — THE New Thing to Do in Orlando for Couples When: Wednesday, March 18th @ 6pm-9pm Price: $59 $39 (Inaugural tour price — while tickets last!) Click to buy your tickets now >> NEW great tastes + Perfectly paired drinks + Three stops hand-selected by your history buff/foodie tour guide = One great night. Here’s the gist: For our inaugural event, we’ve selected 3 great stops (some new favorites, some classics — packed with ALL new tastes) where your guide will show you the town by the mouthful and help you get to know the other couples in your group. You’ll kickoff with a drink to loosen up while you learn the culinary art of oil and vinegar like you’ve never experienced it before, head over to the second stop for the main tasting event (and more drinks) and then have a sweet ending with a little guilty-pleasure desserts. What If I’m Shy? No problem! You’re invited too. While we’re going to have some activities to do with the group, it’s introvert safe. There will be plenty of eats and drinks to keep you entertained. What If I’ve Already Been on a Tour? While some of the stops are the same, the eats and drinks are not. We’ve done everything we can to make sure that you get a whole new experience in this special event offering. Because this tour is made for couples in particular, there’s a much more interaction between tour goers at the event that we’ve never done before. What Does My Ticket Include? If you buy at the discounted, inaugural price, you’ll get: All-access, VIP tour pass — food and drink included Hand-selected tastings by local foodies A little bit of history as you take in beautiful Winter Park Hurry! Offer Ends When Tickets Sell Out Our email list insiders were the first to know about this event, pre-release, and they’ve already started buying tickets. But, while supplies last, anyone who signs up gets the $39 (33%) savings price. Check remaining tickets and get your tickets here >>