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Taste Test – Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich Chocolate

I have this thing I like to do. It’s kind of quirky, but it’s genuinely me. When I look at something edible and my face kind of tilts to the left like a small puppy with my nose scrunched in confusion and dismay, I don’t think twice; I buy it. That’s what happened with Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich Chocolate Bar. Surprisingly enough, this happened the other day when I was in Michael’s grabbing a bunch of crafts and which I want to make that will never come to fruition quite like I’d imagined them in my mind. Standing there in line waiting to be called, I saw it… A peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar. Nothing special. They sell them everywhere, but still I let out a small, “whhhhaaaaaaaat?” I tried it. I think I made up my mind. I am sharing with you now. Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich Chocolate Bar Forget weird science. Right now, I feel like I’m performing weird chocolate… I have to say, I was a bit more than just slightly apprehensive about trying out this chocolate. You’d think after all of these reviews, something as sane as a chocolate bar with a little peanut butter and jelly would be child’s play, but sometimes sweets can go wrong and I was fully bracing myself for impact. I have to say, after one bite, I was nodding. It wasn’t bad. It reminded me of those cherry chocolates I used to have as a kid. The chocolate on the outside was great and just as expected. Once you sank your teeth in, you got this gooey center with some reddish/purple “jelly.” I didn’t really see any peanut butter looking pieces, but I did taste it. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment to you, but I give it a 7/10 forks. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great… The real truth detector: I opened it, took the bite that I’m showing you here and placed the rest of it in the fridge where I never gave it a second thought. It laid there until I finally had to throw it out. Question for ya… Tried any weird sweets lately? They are out there and I know you see them. Whether you like them, love them or can’t help but abhor ’em, let us know. Tell us on Facebook >>