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Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

The name says it all…and yes, it does taste as good as it sounds. First off, let me say, this recipe is not my own. I found this gem one while on Pinterest one afternoon searching for new foods to try during my 2014 Pumpkin Spice Challenge. This recipe comes from Inside Bru Crew Life‘s blog. As a PSL fan,  I knew I had to taste these things for myself so I gathered all the ingredients, busted out my KitchenAid Mixer and got to work. First, I started out by preparing the spice-flavored cupcakes. Following the box’s instructions, I prepared the batter and gave it a little PSL transformation by adding some extra ingredients like freshly brewed coffee and pumpkin puree. The cupcake batter went from a dull brown color to a rich orange in the matter of minutes (see picture below).  I poured the batter into 2-12 cupcake pans and put these bad boys in the oven to bake. As they baked, my entire kitchen filled with the sweet aroma of pumpkin <3. Next, I got to work on the coffee-flavored frosting. Everything was going swimmingly until I realized I only had 4oz of white chocolate instead of 6oz. (Note: Don’t make my mistake and only get one Ghiradelli’s chocolate bar.) Hoping 2oz wouldn’t make that much of a difference, I continued on with the recipe and wished for the best. Check out this sweet frosting action shot below. Once my cupcakes had cooled and my frosting whipped, I assembled the miniature Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcakes and gave each one its very own mini green straw. Here’s how the final product turned out! So, I know what you are thinking. They don’t quite look like the inspiration, but they don’t look like a complete failure either. Final Recipe Thoughts… Ease to Make: Super easy. I felt like a pro-baker. Appearance: Um….All I have to say is frosting is hard work, especially if you are trying to make it look like whipped cream. I’m not sure if those 2oz of white chocolate really made that much of a difference or if it needed to cool a little bit longer. The frosting fell flat the minute it hit the top of the cupcake, and yes, the cupcakes were cool.  All attempts to even make it look like whipped cream had immediately ended. I will say the frosting tasted great even though it didn’t turn out looking the best. Taste: Like a pumpkin spice latte, seriously. You can definitely taste the coffee and pumpkin spice in each bite. Overall, they were delicious, moist and not overly sweet. Favorite New Recipe?: Definitely. These are the perfect dessert to make for a party or even if they are lucky, your coworkers. They are sure to be a hit, leaving everyone asking for seconds.

Nailed it or Failed it? Broccoli Cheddar Bites

For our first ever “nailed it or failed it” series post, we’re doing one of our favorite pub orders, Broccoli Cheddar Bites! The first time I had this, I was at a little Irish pub out in Tampa, Fla. and, being the broccoli fanatic that I am (no, seriously, I eat broccoli with at least one meal each day), this was really a no-brainer. Check out the recipe from and let us know if we “nailed it or failed it” on our Facebook page! OFT Tackles Broccoli Cheddar Bites Cooking Skill Level: Noob Time: 30 minutes Taste Rating:  Quantity: 12 large balls (we served two per person and were stuffed) Occasion: When your kids don’t want veggies and you need a fun disguise for their broccoli. Or, when you have a small event and need some finger foods that are easy to make and easy to whip up if more people show up than expected (don’t you hate that?). Or, our personal favorite, for those epic football parties you have planned for this season